Personal finance can be warm,
joyful, and informed by

To us, the name
7 Grains means

The number 7 has historic associations with process, completion, perfection, and healing. As for Grains, an intentional process is a necessary step towards harvesting the benefits of a healthy financial life.

Our close-knit team values excellence, balance, and adventure.

Each member of our staff brings vision, focus, optimism, and proactivity to their work life.

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Our Community

One of our duties is to bring life and inspiration to the communities we work in. See how we get involved, and consider joining us sometime.

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Our Broker/Dealer

We are committed to acting in your best interest, and we founded 7 Grains so we could have the freedom to do so. We partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, the nation’s largest independent adviser broker/dealer, to bring you a wide variety of financial solutions, without any pressure or incentives to sell you a service you don’t need.

Build your abundance.

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