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Our mission is to help every client<br/>uncover purpose and a sense of<br/>adventure in their financial plan.

Our mission is to help every client uncover purpose and a sense of adventure in their financial plan.

This work wouldn’t be possible without our valued team. Each member of our staff is dedicated to serving you with joy, encouragement, education, and curiosity.

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Calvin Egan, CFP®

Financial Planner

Leanne Washburn

Director of Administration

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Jeff Boyer

Jeff Boyer, MBA, CFP®

Founder & CEO

In 2004, I was volunteering as a workshop facilitator of a nationally known financial self-help program. Armed with a simple VCR, TV remote, and a willingness to encourage individuals to make good choices, I found myself in awe of the power of personal financial coaching.

Now, after 17 years of professional experience, I know with certainty that the potential of even the greatest of financial tools is most fully realized through the power of human relationships.

I founded 7 Grains to empower individuals, families, and businesses to plan and live with purpose. I believe planning, investments, and coaching should be a life-giving process. I hope for our clients to realize their goals while enjoying life balance, adventure, and a sense of purpose that extends beyond themselves.

On a personal note: I’m the husband to Christiana and a father of five (Noah, Pax, Emmy, Houston, and Maeven). In our 19 years of marriage, my wife and I have learned to enjoy the chaos that surrounds us! As a family, we love to spend time together playing games and getting outdoors to enjoy the beauty of Virginia. As a couple, Christiana and I enjoy international travel, food, and quiet reading to recharge our batteries. We are also deeply committed to loving those around us and serving our community.

At 7 Grains, we are committed to serving you, your family, or your business through excellence in planning, guidance, and investment strategies. We believe that experience, acumen, and wisdom should be fostered over a lifetime. As such, I have earned an MBA with a concentration in finance, an AAMS certification, and became a CFP® professional in 2014. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I am committed to serving your best interests.

As an independent firm affiliating with Commonwealth Financial Network®, we are capable of serving you with a completely customizable planning and investment approach that fits your unique needs.

At 7 Grains, we’ve built our firm to offer planning, guidance, and investments that allow us to serve anyone: from those beginning their journey to those with the most sophisticated of needs. What makes us stand out from our competition, however, is our culture and team—our human element.

Calvin Egan

Calvin Egan, CFP®

Financial Planner

I studied financial planning at Liberty University, where I served as a peer-to-peer financial coach for students. This helped me realize my passion for helping others discover, set, and accomplish their financial and personal goals. I also found that it is a lot of fun to discover the purpose behind your financial plan. My vision is to develop into a financial planner in the coming years so that I can fulfill my passion for helping people live with stewardship over their finances, which I believe will lead to growth and abundance. Through all of this, I also believe that we should have some fun along the way.

Speaking of fun, I love the outdoors. You can usually find me camping, hunting, or fishing when I’m not in the office. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to go on new adventures with my best friend and wife, Kate. The best part of it all is making memories that will last a lifetime. Together, we love taking our golden retriever, Shiloh, on hikes and camping trips, and we’re always looking forward to our next destination.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside my team and to serve each of you as we create your plan together.

Leanne Washburn<br/>

Leanne Washburn

Director of Administration

I joined the 7 Grains family with a passion to serve, learn, and grow with the Lynchburg community. With 8 years of management experience in fitness and healthy living, my passion has always been set to providing individuals with the right resources for them to succeed. As the Office Administrator/ Director of Administration, I’m thrilled to provide support to the 7 Grains community and be the bridge between the 7 Grains vision and our clients in the years to come.

My husband, Dayn, and I will be married 5 years, this year. We have a son, Jacob, and daughter, Grace. We love to travel, try new restaurants, and make memories as a family.

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